Our Mission is to help you select, install and use technology in your home

Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and Home Networks

Today's choices in both the personal computing and communications catagories are staggering. We can help you make the best choices based on an assessment of your needs.

Home Automation and Security Systems

Home automation can be as simple as installing a programmable thermostat or as sophisticated as setting up a network to enable centralized control of your entire home. We can help you choose both independent and integrated products to meet your needs.

Home Theater and Video/Audio Entertainment Systems

Home theater or home entertainment system design can be a daunting task. We can help you achieve the result you envision.

Request Our Help

We will not share your name or contact information without your express permission.

Some information about us

We are a small group of retired technology professionals who are passionate about technology and what it can do to increase your enjoyment and peace of mind at home. VSoft Development is not a dealer or product reseller. We provide a broad range of fee based services: technology needs assessments; system design, including product/service recommendations; installation/integration; repairs; upgrades; training. We will also research and recommend best value product/service sources if desired. If you wish to call us and discuss your needs, we can be reached at (424) 634-9073.

What we do?

We help our customers with the complex decisions associated with purchasing and installing high tech products in their homes. We provide the expertise to give you the confidence to move forward with your decisions.

Once you have requested our help, we will contact you by email or phone. After we understand your needs, we can best determine how to proceed. At that point we will provide a written quote for our proposed services.

VSoft Development is based in Southern California. As this may be a factor in our ability to provide the services you need, we will address any potential impact during initial discussions.

Why choose us?

  • You need help deciding what smartphone / tablet / computer technology is best for you.

    We get this question all the time. The simple answer is "it depends...." VSoft can help you decide after we learn more about you, your current experience with different technologies, and your planned usage going forward. We have experience with all major smartphones/tablets. We design and integrate wireless and wired home networks, including network attached storage systems and cloud storage and computing technologies. We are fluent in Apple, PC, iOS, Android systems and technologies.

  • You are interested in Automation or Security Systems for your home.

    VSoft has considerable experience with several affordable home automation technologies available to create a connected home. We have been installing and upgrading Security Systems using proven Honeywell / Ademco products for over 15 years.

  • You are interested in upgrading your home entertainment system.

    We begin by gaining a thorough understanding of how you envision your home entertainment or home theater system. Ideally we would perform a walk-through of your home (restricted to Southern California) to determine the feasibility of implementing your vision. We will discuss any implementation issues and suggest options to address them. We will recommend the A/V components needed along with best value sources. Component selection will be consistent with budget constraints discussed in advance. A basic system layout diagram and estimate for the work to be performed will be provided.